What options are there to reduce the computation time?

There are many ways to reduce the overall computation time. A combination of the computer hardware, operating system and optimizations to the model geometry are all part of a solution.

  • If the problem could be related to your computer’s capability, read the following on Recommended Hardware.

      Pathfinder will run pretty well on just about any fairly recent computer with the Windows 7 and later or Windows Server 2012 and later 64 bit operating systems.

      For high performance we suggest:

      1. Multiple cores speed the solution. Dual processors with multiple cores are better than a single processor with multiple cores. Of course, faster processors are better, but a slightly slower processor with more cores is likely the optimum configuration.
      2. Pathfinder can use features in OpenGL 3.1 (released in 2009) so a video card with support for OpenGL 3.1 is recommended. A mid-range video card will perform well.
      3. Plan on 2GB to 5GB of ram for a complex model with 100000 people. 8GB of ram is usually more than adequate.
  • If the model has many fine details with round or unique shapes, read Optimize Navigation Geometry

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