FDS Cluster Free Upgrade for PyroSim

Posted: March 28th, 2016

PyroSim 2016.1 is set to release in the next two weeks, including support for additional DEVC fields and new CAD file import options similar to those added in Pathfinder 2016.1. In addition, all PyroSim licenses will now include unrestricted use of the cluster simulation option. This is a permanent change which will automatically take effect, saving users 30% of the cost of purchasing PyroSim with the Unlimited Cluster Option. Those who have already enabled cluster simulations have significantly reduced the challenge to simulate large scale models.

FDS Cluster Simulation
Run FDS Cluster Allows you to specify many computers to process a simulation.

The cluster option is one of several features to optimize simulation of large FDS models. A single simulation can be co-processed with multiple computers networked together. The most notable benefit in this scenario is the ability to increase physical memory capacity to hold very high data models. Previously, a separate Unlimited Cluster Option purchase was required in order to use more than 2 computers at a time. View a previous post on Assigning FDS Meshes to Specific MPI Processes to learn more about parallel simulation.

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