Simulation of Complex Geometry in FDS

Marcos Vanella – University of Maryland, College Park and NIST


Develop an efficient, conservative numerical scheme for complex geometry within FDS.

This presentation covers the following topics:

  • Modeling fire dynamics for Complex Geometry.
  • Treatment of FDS physics units.
  • Defining geometries in FDS. Restrictions on GEOM input.
  • The CATF input namelist.
  • Workflow showcase through validation case.


  • An add-on to FDS, but requires rewriting on most code units.
  • Allows imposing triangulated boundary surfaces on the fluid grid.
  • Ongoing validation and verification.
  • Ongoing implementation of radiation, mass/heat flux BCs, LES wall models, and others.
  • GEOMs (in Beta) will be released in FDS 7.



Paper Presentation

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