PyroSim Geometry from SketchUp

This post covers two different methods to build a 3D model of curved ramp geometry in SketchUp, and then export the 3D geometry for use in PyroSim.

NOTE: This post was updated on October 9th, 2019 to include another method to build a variable width ramp with a different SketchUp extension.

In the first example, we build a curved ramp in SketchUp, as defined in another post about using the PyroSim slab tool to create a curved ramp.

In the second example, we build a similar curved ramp in SketchUp, except this time we use the Curviloft extension to change the width of the ramp as it transitions from the bottom to the top. This update is in response to a question on the original YouTube Video above.


SketchUp Eneroth Upright Extruder extension
SketchUp Curviloft extension please note that this extension requires the LibFredo6 extension to be installed first.

Here is a zip file of the related SketchUp, PyroSim and .dae geometry files used in this example. – SketchUp2PyroSim_CurvedRamp

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