Fire and Evacuation Modelling Technical Conference 2016

Dates: November 16-18, 2016  |  Location: Meliá Costa del Sol in Torremolinos, Spain


Thunderhead Engineering hosted the 3rd Fire and Evacuation Modelling Technical Conference (FEMTC) on November 16-18, 2016 at the Meliá Costa del Sol hotel, in the beautiful Spanish Costa del Sol region of the Mediterranean Sea.

Key Speakers

List of Presentations

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Day 1 – 16 November 2016

The Challenge of Maintaining FDS and CFAST
Kevin McGrattan, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Advanced Simulations for Building Design – Best Practice and Future Developments
Jimmy Jönsson, JVVA Fire & Risk (Gabriele Vigne presenting)

Tunnel Ventilation Design – Quantitative Methods for Comparative Analyses
Michele Fronterrè, CANTENE S.r.l.

A Sensitivity Analysis of an Hospital Evacuation in Case Of Fire: The Impact of Staff to Occupants Ratio
Anass Rahouti, Université de Mons (Selim Datoussaid presenting)

One-Dimensional Model of Pyrolysis and Ignition of Medium Density Fiberboard Subjected to Transient Irradiation
Izabella Vermesi, Imperial College

FDS: Advances on Simulation Capability for Complex Geometry
Marcos Vanella, George Washington University

Te Papa Museum Design Review and Update
Kevin Weller, Beca

A UK Evacuation Case Study Using Pathfinder Questions the Suitability of Fire Safety Guidance
Stewart Brown, MetaSolutions (Fire Safety Engineering) Ltd

Performance of Optimization Algorithms for Deriving Material Data from Bench Scale Tests
Patrick Lauer, Bergische Universität Wuppertal

Stochastic Analysis of Egress Simulations
Quentin Jullien, CSTB

A Comparative Study of Fire Safety Provisions Effecting Evacuation Safety in a Metro Tunnel
Andrew Purchase, WSP Sverige AB

Study of the Parameters that Influence the I-Girder Bridges Behaviour during Fire Events
Guillem Peris, Euroestudios

Acceptance Criteria in Unique Situations and Atypical Buildings

The Use of Pathfinder as an Evacuation Planning Tool: A Case Study in Concert Halls
Joao Emilio Almeida, Euroestudios

Day 2 – 17 November 2016

Fire Modelling of Energy-Efficient Apartment Buildings
Simo Hostikka, Aalto University

An Emergency Egress Model Based on a Macroscopic Continuous Approach
Thomas Gasparotto, CNPP and LEMTA

Fire Scenarios Assessment
Gregor Jäger, BFT Cognos GmbH (Kristian Börger presenting)

Managing Quality in Fire Safety Design Projects Involving RSET Analyses
Karl Fridolf, WSP Sverige AB

The Simulation of Assisted Evacuation in Hospitals
Virginia Alonso-Gutierrez, Ashes Fire

Comparison Between the Human Reactions in a Simulacrum and in a Real Fire Situation
Elisabete Cordeiro, Universidade da Beira Interior

A Method of Smoke Dispersion Modeling of Exhausted Tunnel Fire Smoke in Urban Areas
Brian Lee, SNC-Lavalin

A Research Roadmap for Evacuation Models Used in Fire Safety Engineering
Enrico Ronchi, Lund University

Exploring Unstructured Poisson Solvers for FDS
Susanne Kilian, hhpberlin – Ingenieure für Brandschutz, Berlin-Germany

Evacuation Conditions During an Emergency in a Subway Station Depending on the Existence of Platform Screen Doors
Daniel Octavio De Toledo, Geocontrol

Mesh Techniques and Uncertainty of Results for Impulse Jet Fans
Sam Alshroof, Olsson Fire & Risk

Use of Evacuation Simulation to Develop a Disaster Management Plan in Super Tall Buildings
Doo Chan Choi, KF UBIS Co., Ltd.

Experimental Study of the Impact of Visibility on Individual Ascent Speed in Stairs
Junmin Chen, Southwest Jiaotong University

Simulation of Premixed Flames with FDS – Application to the Hot Smoke Testing System Izar
Juan Blond, Basler & Hofmann AG

Validating FDS Against a Large-Scale Fire Test for Facade Systems
Markus Nilsson, Brandskyddslaget AB

Day 3 – 18 November 2016

Simulating Hospital Evacuation
Aoife Hunt, AECOM

Uncoordinated Egress – An Experiment
Wagner Moraes, Military Firefighter (Santa Catarina-BR)

Wind Influence in Numerical Analysis of NSHEV Performance
Wojciech Węgrzyński, Building Research Institute (ITB), Fire Research Department

Investigation of a Computationally Efficient Multi-Scale Fire Modelling Method in Longitudinally Ventilated Tunnels for FDS6
Edmund Ang, AECOM Australia (Izabella Vermesi presenting)

People Movement Modeling: Capabilities and Expansion of Current Models for Broader and More Robust Uses
Jennifer Wiley, JENSEN HUGHES

Modelling of Pulsing Post-flashover Compartment Fires
Charles Fleischmann, University of Canterbury

Implementing Assisted Evacuation and Integrated Fire Model Results in Pathfinder and PyroSim
Brian Hardeman, Thunderhead Engineering

Please also see the FEMTC 2014 and 2011 event archives for past speakers and topic areas covered by this conference series.