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2022 Online Training Dates Now Available

Would you like to improve your skills with PyroSim and/or Pathfinder? Dave McGill has worked with Thunderhead Engineering to provide training to hundreds of attendees for many years. We are excited to announce the latest dates, viewable at our online schedule, for his acclaimed courses in an online workshop format.

Online Format

Each PyroSim online workshop will comprise eight 2-hour sessions. The Pathfinder online workshop is five 2-hour sessions. The workshops will be conducted on Zoom. It is recommended that each participant has access to a second monitor, so they can watch the instructor's demonstration on one screen and perform the steps on their own screen. A microphone is required for asking questions, and a camera is a nice feature, although not mandatory.

PyroSim & FDS Online Workshop

This workshop is an introduction to both PyroSim and FDS which is suitable for beginning modelers, managers, and regulators. It presents the big picture so that participants can learn about the features of both PyroSim and FDS as they build a simple model.

Advanced PyroSim & FDS Online Workshop

This advanced workshop is designed for fire protection engineers to build performance-based engineering models. Attendees will examine common features and practical problems encountered when using PyroSim to create and run efficient FDS models. Discussions will also include the strengths and limitations of FDS. Participants should have a basic knowledge of both PyroSim and FDS prior to the workshop.

Pathfinder Online Workshop

This workshop is an introduction to Pathfinder for absolute beginners, covering modeling concepts with extensive hands-on application. Covered topics include an introduction to evacuation modeling, creating geometry and occupants, and determining RSET when combined with fire model results.


These courses are open for all who are interested. If you would like to attend, you may register here.