Dambovita Center, Bucharest, Romania

April 1, 2011

Submission by: Donna Netanel from S. Netanel Engineers and Consulting Ltd and OffStream Studios.

"Plaza Centers has entered into a public-private partnership agreement with the Government of Romania to develop the Dambovita Center (known as Casa Radio) (Forum with Additional Images) in Bucharest, the largest development plot available in the city centre."

The image and models below, created by Donna and Offstream Studios, show a view of the PyroSim model at the top and two Smokeview renders of the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) simulation.  With the excellent use of obstruction transparency and colors, it is easy to visualize smoke movement within the volume of the building.


PetraSim: Internal regions with DXF geometry from SketchUp.

March 30, 2011

We have posted a short video showing how to create DXF files in SketchUp and then use them to subdivide a PetraSim model into geometric regions. The demo shows how to create a cylinder inside a rectangular model and assign material properties to the cylinder.


PetraSim 5.1.1524

March 24, 2011
This release adds the capability to specify surface injection and production (source/sink) using flux. The specified flux is multiplied by the projected area on the XY plane to calculate flow. Changes since PetraSim 5.1.1416 include: New capability to specify surface injection and production flux. Added new TOUGH2 example that demonstrates natural state and production analyses using a surface ... Read More...

Pathfinder Performance Improvements

March 7, 2011
We just finished a round of optimization and now we have the data to show that the upcoming version of Pathfinder will be an improvement both in speed and in memory consumption. Read More...

Pathfinder 2011 Beta 2, Progress

February 25, 2011

The second development phase for Pathfinder 2011 is underway. We've already made good progress on waypoint scripting and we've also made some changes to enable parallel processing. Read More...

Pathfinder Case Study, Door Selection

February 16, 2011

Recent Pathfinder development has been, to a large extent, focused on our new Locally Quickest approach to controlling how an occupant moves out of its current room. One of the toughest challenges during this sort of simulator development is identifying what the simulator should do. When we find published research that can be compared to our answers, its exciting and very helpful.


PetraSim 5.1.1416

February 16, 2011

This release fixes a bug related production boundary conditions in TOUGHREACT and improves the input file reader in TMVOC. Read More...

Pathfinder 2011.0.0215 (Beta)

February 15, 2011
This release is an update to the Pathfinder 2011 Beta. This version includes changes that improve local door selection in SFPE mode. Now, occupants estimate queue sizes rather than sample density along proposed local door routes. This queue size estimate is now used in steering mode simulations as well.  Read More...

Pathfinder 2011.0.0210 (Beta)

February 10, 2011

Pathfinder 2011 is now available for beta testing. This version includes our new Locally Quickest path selection algorithm and an improved exit specification model. This version has not been run against our V&V test set and is not recommended for "real world" use.


PetraSim 5.1.1408

February 8, 2011

This release fixes a bug in PetraSim's Load Well Flow Rates feature and includes several other minor improvements. Read More...