Improvements in Pathfinder 2021.2

May 10, 2021
Pathfinder 2021.2 introduces queueing as a new behavior which can greatly expand modeling options and capabilities. New user interface enhancements make it quicker than ever to find objects and edit properties. Read More...

Improvements in PyroSim 2021.2

May 10, 2021
PyroSim 2021.2 includes usability improvements to better monitor FDS simulation progress and find objects in your model. Read More...

Proximity Analysis and the Thunderhead development process

April 29, 2021
The upcoming release of Pathfinder Results version 2021.2 will include a Proximity Analysis feature based on the paper EXPOSED: An occupant exposure model for confined spaces to retrofit crowd models during a pandemic by Enrico Ronchi and Ruggiero Lovreglio. In the paper Enrico and Ruggiero lay out a method to create metrics that measure occupant ... Read More...

Queues in Pathfinder 2021.2

April 23, 2021

*Note: Queues are now available. Learn more in the User Manual.

Queues introduce an entirely new concept of occupant movement to Pathfinder which is restricted by pre-determined Paths and waypoints called Services. This will allow users to better simulate behaviors at airports, restaurants, amusement parks, and more.


Accelerate Simulation Time with PyroSim Cloud Computing

April 15, 2021
What is cloud computing? Cloud computing is a tech industry term for a service which provides computing power on request. This service is provided remote, or “in the cloud”, so that the user can access these resources from their office. One common use for cloud computing is to gain access to powerful hardware which goes beyond ... Read More...

Organize PyroSim Projects with Scenarios

April 13, 2021
Scenarios in PyroSim are a tool which provides a quick method of organizing multiple instances of a given model, each with different sets of enabled/disabled objects. In the Edit Scenarios dialog, the modeler can manage these instances and choose which to actively work on. While a scenario is active, any objects that the modeler disables through the Navigation panel or 3D/2D view will display in the Disabled Objects field for quick reference. A Description field is provided for a custom text entry. Read More...

2021.1 Release – Available Now

February 24, 2021

The latest updates for PyroSim, Pathfinder and Results are available now. The 2021.1 release focuses on improving every day productivity.

View our Release Notes to download and see the full details, or read on for a quick look at what’s new.


User Experience Improvements to Pathfinder 2021.1

February 23, 2021
Pathfinder will also benefit from feedback from our users. This release focuses on incorporating their suggestions in to our products to improve the user experience. We have made several usability improvements to Pathfinder in the 2021.1 release, some of which are mentioned below. Update: The 2021.1 Pathfinder Release is available now.  Added copy/paste functionality to Occupant Profiles Expanding ... Read More...

User Experience Improvements to PyroSim 2021.1

February 15, 2021
We are constantly taking feedback from our users and incorporating their suggestions in to our products to improve the user experience. In that vein, we have made several usability improvements to PyroSim in the 2021.1 release, some of which are mentioned below. Update: The 2021.1 PyroSim Release is available now.  New Scenarios are now activated immediately ... Read More...

Requested Improvements in Results 2021.1

February 10, 2021
Our first release of the year will include requested improvements to our Results application. Results can view the output of the simulators embedded in PyroSim and Pathfinder. The improvements below help with visualizing social distancing hot spots using contours, showing cut outs from PyroSim slices, and improving the ability to edit colorbars for FDS results. Read More...