Fix Geometry in Pathfinder Models Created From DWG Files

August 21, 2013
In this video we show how to fix geometry problems that can result when a Pathfinder model is created using an imported DWG file. Read More...

Use a Blueprint Image to Sketch a Model

August 21, 2013
This video demonstrates how to import a blueprint in jpg format and then create the Pathfinder evacuation model by sketching on top of the blueprint.  Read More...

Model Aircraft Evacuation

August 15, 2013

This video demonstrates the variables that may have an effect on evacuation time from aircraft cabins.


Distribute Occupant Exit Selection

October 23, 2012

This video demonstrates how to assign exit goals to percentages of the occupant population.


Optimize Navigation Geometry

September 10, 2012

Video tutorial showing how to reduce the number of navigation mesh polygons to enable larger models and shorter simulation run time.


Create Spiral Stairs

August 21, 2012
This is a short video tutorial demonstrating a process that may be used to make circular or spiral stairs in Pathfinder. Read More...

Import FDS Geometry

July 10, 2011
Download the and follow the guide . 

Extract Rooms from a 2D DXF File

July 10, 2011
Download the and follow the guide . 

Script Occupant Movement

April 21, 2011
This system can be used to give individual occupants or groups a sequence of intermediate goals that they will follow during the simulation. Read More...