OpenMP Benchmarks

August 18, 2014
FDS now uses OpenMP to run faster on PCs that have multiple cores. This post presents two benchmark simulations that show how much improvement you can expect and how to configure simulations to use OpenMP effectively. Read More...

Using PyroSim for Parallel Processing of Multiple Meshes

January 27, 2014
This video shows reasons to use multiple meshes, rules and guidelines for defining multiple meshes, how to use the multiple mesh tools, and how to run a parallel processor solution. Read More...

Create CO Sampling Device

December 28, 2013
This video demonstrates how to add a carbon monoxide detector and view its output. Read More...

Announcement Nov. 11, 2013

November 11, 2013
Pathfinder 2013 New Release Thunderhead Engineering is pleased to announce the release of Pathfinder 2013, our agent-based movement simulator for evacuation and crowd modeling. This major release adds wayfinding improvements, detailed occupant results, new 3D occupant models, and more. More than 25 new 3D occupant models One-way doors and door selection based on flow rate Optional door flow rate ... Read More...

PyroSim: ATF engineering analysis of a fire scenario resulting in a firefighter fatality.

July 20, 2012

The video below presents the ATF Fire Research Laboratory's Engineering Analysis of the fire that occurred at 30 Dowling Circle on January 19th, 2011. ATF Fire Protection Engineers were asked to utilize engineering analysis methods, including computer fire modeling, to assist with determining the route of fire spread and the events that led to the firefighter MAYDAY and subsequent Line of Duty Death of Firefighter Mark Falkenhan.


Water Spray Interaction with Dense Gas Clouds

May 7, 2012
Submission by: Robert N. Meroney, PhD. Wind Engineering Software, and Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO., USA Water spray curtains can provide an effective and rapid dilution mechanism for low lying dense clouds.  Frequently such clouds are released as a result of a chemical manufacturing, storage or gas transportation accident. Extensive field and laboratory tests have been performed to determine how well water curtains can mitigate actual spill conditions.  Numerical methods are often proposed to provide system design or timely response information, but most of these models reduce mathematical and computational complexity by integrating the equations of motion over volumes, sections or depths which provides computational speed but often sacrifices mixing detail and typically presume the use of empirical entrainment relationships.  Read More...

PyroSim 2012 Development Underway

December 8, 2011
Work is underway on the next version of PyroSim — PyroSim 2012. The release date is tentatively scheduled for some time in March 2012. The major noteworthy features are: Support for FDS 6 Improved tools for drawing and editing geometry Support for HVAC network modeling in FDS Improved CAD file import, including DWG format files Automatic partitioning of meshes for ... Read More...

Dambovita Center, Bucharest, Romania

April 1, 2011

Submission by: Donna Netanel from S. Netanel Engineers and Consulting Ltd and OffStream Studios.

"Plaza Centers has entered into a public-private partnership agreement with the Government of Romania to develop the Dambovita Center (known as Casa Radio) (Forum with Additional Images) in Bucharest, the largest development plot available in the city centre."

The image and models below, created by Donna and Offstream Studios, show a view of the PyroSim model at the top and two Smokeview renders of the Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) simulation.  With the excellent use of obstruction transparency and colors, it is easy to visualize smoke movement within the volume of the building.


Create Stairs

August 27, 2010
This brief tutorial demonstrates how to quickly create stairs using the Copy/Move action and editing multiple obstructions at the same time. Read More...

Vehicle Ferry

August 26, 2010
Submission by: Craig Hofmeister, Rolf Jensen & Associates A new 362-foot passenger and vehicle ferry vessel is under development and will include capacity for up to 1500 passengers and 144 vehicles. The vessel will include two vehicle decks with accommodations ranging from small passenger cars to larger freight and large goods trucks. RJA provided fire modeling services ... Read More...