Top 10 Reasons You Should be Using the New Integrated PyroSim Results

April 10, 2018
PyroSim now includes an integrated Results Viewer. Here are the top 10 reasons you should be using it. Read More...

Results Viewer Released in PyroSim 2017.2

November 15, 2017
PyroSim now installs a new results viewer to further integrate Pathfinder evacuation simulations, CAD model textures, and camera tours designed in PyroSim. Read More...

PyroSim CAD File Import Improvements

April 12, 2016
PyroSim CAD file import options have improved in the 2016.1 release. This includes support for FBX and OBJ files as well as improvements for DXF and DWG. Read More...

FDS Cluster Free Upgrade for PyroSim

March 28, 2016
PyroSim 2016.1 is set to release in the next two weeks, including support for additional DEVC fields and new CAD file import options similar to those added in Pathfinder 2016.1. In addition, all PyroSim licenses will now include unrestricted use of the cluster simulation option. This is a permanent change which will automatically take effect, saving users 30% of the cost of purchasing PyroSim with the Unlimited Cluster Option. Read More...

Viewpoints and Section Boxes for Better Perspective

September 14, 2015

PyroSim 2015.3 introduced two new tools to help engineers and their clients see the model in new ways. Viewpoints and section boxes, combined together to form a single view item, allow the user to save camera positions and clip geometry.


PyroSim 2012 Development Underway

December 8, 2011
Work is underway on the next version of PyroSim — PyroSim 2012. The release date is tentatively scheduled for some time in March 2012. The major noteworthy features are: Support for FDS 6 Improved tools for drawing and editing geometry Support for HVAC network modeling in FDS Improved CAD file import, including DWG format files Automatic partitioning of meshes for ... Read More...