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1Point2 Studies Bathrooms and Gender Bias in France

1Point2 is the official partner of Thunderhead Engineering in France and has been since 2014. For over 30 years they have specialized in dynamic flow simulation for industry, transport, and construction. As an early pioneer in simulation, 1Point2 provides consultation services through the acquisition, training, implementation, and post-analysis of simulation software tools. Not only do they distribute and support flow simulation software, including localized PyroSim and Pathfinder each with bilingual French/English interfaces, they also use these tools for model building and flow studies.

Their team recently completed one such study in which they examined the problems that arise when gender-specific bathrooms are not uniquely designed to meet the needs of its typical occupancy.

Bathroom Gender Study by 1Point2
Bathroom Gender Study by 1Point2

Particularly, women were seen to experience longer wait times for their bathrooms. Jacqueline Gélinier, Product Manager at 1Point2, further examines what impact this can have on professional women compared to their male peers. Read the full article on the 1Point2 website.