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IFC Import to Pathfinder (and PyroSim)

November 14, 2018
The next releases of Pathfinder and PyroSim will include the capability to import Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) files that describe building data. In Pathfinder, this can significantly speed model creation since it includes automatic extraction of  floors, doors, and stairs. This post demonstrates this feature.  Read More...

Modelling of Pulsing Post-flashover Compartment Fires

November 12, 2018
One poorly understood compartment phenomenon is pulsating fires. Under certain circumstances, pulsing behaviour have been observed in both pre- and post-flashover compartments and have been identified with poorly ventilated compartments. In this paper, a series of small scale post-flashover compartment fires that exhibited sustained harmonic pulsing are simulated in FDS6. Read More...

Manually Coupling FDS and Pathfinder to Respond to Smoke

November 7, 2018
A long-term development goal has been to fully couple the PyroSim/FDS fire results with Pathfinder evacuation. A first step toward this goal is the capability to display both fire and evacuation results in the same results viewer. However, full coupling of the two simulations has not been completed. In the interim, it is possible to run the fire simulation, monitor the reduced visibility due to smoke, and then manually use that information to slow and re-direct occupants in response to the fire. This provides an example.  Read More...

People Movement: Capabilities and Expansion of Current Models for Broader and More Robust Uses

October 25, 2018
This paper reviews the current capabilities of people movement models, non-traditional uses for egress models not related to fire egress, and the adaptations of models necessary to enable broader more robust simulations, including security and ingress, dynamic signage and active wayfinding, and interior tasks (carrying or pushing objects, occupant assistance, etc.) Read More...

Investigation of a Computationally Efficient Multi-Scale Fire Modelling Method in Longitudinally Ventilated Tunnels for FDS6

October 25, 2018
To reduce the computational time for modelling large tunnel networks, we used FDS6.1 to investigate the solver’s capabilities for multi-scale modelling by combining 1D and full CFD models in the same domain. This study is to investigate the capabilities of FDS6.1 for simulating a tunnel ventilation system (cold and fire) using the multi-scale method. Read More...
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