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Monte Carlo Simulations in Pathfinder

June 20, 2018
Pathfinder 2018.3 will include basic monte carlo simulation tools to automate multiple simulations where the initial positions and properties of occupants are randomized. This post demonstrates this capability.


FEMTC 2018 – Registration is Open with a List of Presentations

June 7, 2018
FEMTC 2018 event registration and hotel reservation links are online. Accepted presentations are now listed on the webpage and there will be a NIST NFRL tour option available on day 3. Read More...

Leakage Modelling using Pressure Zones – Updated 2018-06

June 5, 2018
Leakage refers to the air that escapes through small gaps as a compartment is pressurized by a fire. Pressure zones can be used to model this effect. Read More...

Complex Stoichiometry in PyroSim

May 23, 2018
PyroSim version 2018.2 will support complex stoichiometry in the user interface. Previously, PyroSim supported the FDS single-fuel, "simple chemistry" combustion model but complex stoichiometry required some manual input by the user. This post demonstrates how the new user interface capability can be used to represent multiple fuels and other complex reactions. If you would like to test this beta version, contact  Read More...

Comparison Between The Human Reactions In A Simulacrum And In A Real Fire Situation

May 22, 2018
Human reaction to a fire situation in buildings depends on the characteristics of each individual, of the building and the actual emergency situation. To minimize the consequences of an emergency fire situation in a building, it is important to have a safe, orderly and rapid evacuation. For this purpose, the occupants should be trained to respond in an appropriate way. Therefore, it is necessary to assess whether simulacrums or fire drills are effective or not. Read More...
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