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Display Experimental Trajectory Data in Pathfinder Results Viewer

February 16, 2018
This post demonstrates an undocumented feature in Pathfinder for visualizing experimental trajectory data in the Result Viewer. Read More...

Validating FDS Against a Large-Scale Fire Test for Facade Systems

February 15, 2018
In an MSc thesis conducted at Lund University, Sweden, a validation study of FDS version 6.2.0 on the area of external fire spread was conducted. The validation study was performed using experimental data from a large-scale fire test on an SP FIRE 105 test rig in Borås, Sweden. The SP FIRE 105 test rig is a test method for facade systems simulating the impact on the overhead facade of a fire on the ground floor of a three-story apartment building. For this particular test, non-combustible calcium silica boards were attached to the facade and temperature measurements took place at six different heights. Read More...

Coupling PyroSim Fire Results with Pathfinder Movement

February 14, 2018
We have begun coupling PyroSim fire results with Pathfinder movement. The first major task was to create a Results Viewer that could merge and display PyroSim and Pathfinder results simultaneously. That has largely been completed. We have also completed limited capability to calculate the Fractional Effective Dose (FED) as occupants move through changing CO, CO2, and O2 concentrations. Future development will use PyroSim results to alter occupant movement and decision making within the Pathfinder simulation. In this post, we demonstrate the capability currently available in Pathfinder 2018.1 and PyroSim 2017.2.  Read More...

WIND in PyroSim

February 6, 2018
FDS version 6.6.0 added a new WIND namelist to describe wind and atmospheric conditions. Support for WIND is scheduled to be included in the next release of PyroSim. This post demonstrates a short-term work around for this data.  Read More...

Multiple Fuels with PyroSim

January 15, 2018
PyroSim's design assumes that most users want to use FDS with a single-fuel, "simple chemistry" combustion model. For simulations requiring multiple fuel species, a few extra steps are required. This post demonstrates how to perform a multiple-fuel simulation using PyroSim.  Read More...
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