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PyroSim, Pathfinder, and Ventus 2024.1 - Available Now

We're proud to announce the arrival of 2024.1 versions of all Thunderhead products. This release brings a number of productivity improvements across PyroSim, Pathfinder, Ventus and Results. In addition, our team has added a number specific improvements, including support for FDS 6.9.1 in PyroSim, improved occupant flow when using small doors in Pathfinder, and the addition of transient simulation in Ventus.

Productivity Improvements for large model editing

Model size continues to increase in both size and complexity. This increases the number of objects that need to be managed, renamed, edited and selected to complete projects. The 2024.1 release includes improvements to help manage this increase in modeling scale.

Adjust your model selections with improved Undo/Redo

2024.1 allows for the refinement of object selection by adding selection changes to undo/redo. In addition, all undo/redo actions are now visible in a dropdown undo/redo history.

Improved Undo / Redo support in 2024.1
Improved Undo / Redo support in 2024.1

Create specialized object groups using Tags

Larger models often have specialized groups that need specific action. By using Tags, you can now create object tree selection groups that can be used and reused to help keep models clean.

Adding of a tag to a group of objects in 2024.1
Adding of a tag to a group of objects in 2024.1

Tags are also used in Pathfinder to refine when Triggers influence occupant behavior.

Batch rename objects using custom filters

2024.1 adds the ability to batch rename objects with custom names. A number of variables have been added to make renaming even more flexible.

The updated Rename dialog
The updated Rename dialog

The images above are all from Pathfinder 2024.1, but the improvements to model editing are also available in PyroSim and Ventus. Leverage Tags to create custom shaft reports in Ventus, batch rename Devices or Controls in PyroSim for easier scenario creation, and more.

Product Specific Improvements

Our development team resolved over 230 bugs and crashes in preparation for this release. Crashes are never a good thing, and we constantly work to identify each root cause to prevent further lost work.

In addition to addressing reported issues, we've also improved every product. Read a summary of the improvements below.

PyroSim 2024.1 Improvements

Extraction of PyroSim geoemtry from a BIM model
Extraction of PyroSim geoemtry from a BIM model

PyroSim now supports FDS 6.9.1. In addition, PyroSim supports improved CAD geometry import, especially when using IFC files. Results also adds the ability to view multiple FDS quantities at one tine.

Read about these new features on the 2024.1 PyroSim Release Notes page.

Pathfinder 2024.1 Improvements

Pathfinder 2024.1 supports improved occupant merging in narrow Aisles and Doors. In addition, elevator operation has seen work as well. Pathfinder recently received a large update to Triggers in 2023.3. The 2024.1 Pathfinder release adds refinement to the operation of Triggers.

Read about these new features on the 2024.1 Pathfinder Release Notes page.

Ventus 2024.1 Improvements

Transient Simulation results in Ventus
Transient Simulation results in Ventus

Ventus 2024.1 introduces support for Transient Simulation, Contaminant Modeling, and limited support for Schedules.

Read about these new features on the 2024.1 Ventus Release Notes page.

If you have feedback on how you'd like to see our software improve, tell us!