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Create general purpose elevators for ingress modeling

Now in Pathfinder 2023.1 it is possible to create a new type of elevator which suits general-purpose needs. Previously, it was only possible to model elevators in an evacuation mode which delivered all riders to the discharge floor for safe evacuation. SCAN, the new type of elevator available in Pathfinder, allows occupants to use elevators for travel to and from any valid floor - suitable for ingress modeling.

By selecting SCAN from the Type dropdown menu, an elevator will follow this new algorithm. If an occupant calls an elevator to travel upward, it will stop at intermediary floors and pick up additional occupants who are traveling upward. Once it has no more upward requests, it will wait for the next call in either direction. Occupants will automatically use an elevator if it is the only or most efficient path to their destination. It is also possible to specify the existing Goto Elevator Behavior action for a specific floor.

This new capability joins previous Pathfinder additions which further its ingress modeling capability. These include Queues, Attractors, Targets, and more. See the 2023.1 Version Updates page for more information about the latest Pathfinder release or see the Pathfinder User Manual for more details on using this new feature.