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Happy Halloween!

Halloween is upon us, and we have created a fun new video to celebrate. If you haven't seen it on our LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter page you can watch it below!

Quite a few PyroSim, Pathfinder, and Results features were used in the making of this video. We hope it elevated your fall spirit and that perhaps the following behind-the-scenes information will teach you something you didn't know about our software.

  • A PyroSim model with 4 fires was added for the torches on the wall.
  • Custom avatars were imported to provide the Halloween characters.
Custom Halloween avatar.
Custom Halloween avatar before import to Pathfinder.
  • The blue-eyed vampires move toward their destination using an upcoming feature known as "occupant targets" which allow them to select their own waypoint from a set.
  • A camera tour was created to follow the characters as they move towards the hooded figure.
  • The recent video format feature was used to directly write the mp4 video file.
  • Detailed advanced material properties on the building's stone and tapestries provided a richer environment. You'll notice the reflectivity of the floor and the metallic shine of the embroidery on the tapestries.
  • A variety of Results rendering and lighting effects were used to create the ambiance of the model including image-based lighting, motion blur, advanced smoke/fire lighting, and an upcoming gamma correction feature. You can compare how these and other effects provided in Results improve upon the look of the model without them.
Halloween video, behind the scenes.
Halloween video, behind the scenes.

Additionally, the video has been produced in a 360 degree format. Viewers are able to rotate the camera as it moves through the scene.