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New FDS 6.8.0 support

PyroSim has increased support for new additions in upcoming FDS releases. We have worked with the team at NIST to prepare PyroSim for this new functionality as they continue development towards FDS 7. Here are some of the upcoming additions:

3D Heat transfer
The 3D heat transfer feature is demonstrated on a steel assembly exposed to a small hot object. Source: FDS User Manual
  • Problematic void pressure zone identification and filling
  • Multiple simple chemistry reactions
  • HVAC waypoints
  • HVAC visualization in Results
  • A new surface type for the 3D heat transfer feature in FDS
  • A redesigned FDS species library interface to accommodate an increase from 30 to roughly 350 species

These features will be available in the 2023.1 release on April 26. For more information about new features, consider subscribing to our email updates.