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New Terminal Behavior Action Types

Pathfinder 2021.3 introduced Attractors, a tool for providing awareness-based detours. To achieve this new Behavior, additional action types were needed. There are 3 new terminal step types, which are behavior actions which can be used as the final action in a behavior. In addition to Goto Refuge Rooms and Goto Exits, the following actions may now be used.

List of Behavior actions in Pathfinder UI.
The full list of Behavior action types in Pathfinder 2021.3.

Resume Prior Behavior

Instructs the occupant to continue using the behavior prior to the current behavior.

This action is used by the Wait at Attractors Behavior which is created and selected by default for each new Attractor. It can also be used by any other Behavior to create more complex Attractor Behaviors or otherwise temporary Behaviors.

Remove Occupant

The occupant will be removed from the simulation.

This option is available if the model includes an area which should be treated as an exit, but does not have exterior doors. For example, a train within a subway station can be modeled to leave the station by using the Remove Occupant action type when the train departs.

Wait Until Simulation End

The occupant will wait in their current location until the end of the simulation.

The final new action type provides a similar option as Goto Refuge Rooms without defining refuge rooms and prescribing navigation to one of them. This is useful in non-evacuation models where a theater patron may take their seat, or a hotel guest navigates to their room.

These new terminal action types open up a wide range of new Behavior opportunities. Together with Attractors, there are several new possibilities within Pathfinder. For more information, consult the User Manual or view the 2021.3 release preview.