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Pathfinder 2022.2 Provides Insights On Stuck Occupants

A common error incurred by Pathfinder users is stuck occupants. Occupants who are unable to reach an appropriate seek target (exit, refuge room, or waypoint) prevent the simulation from completing. Users are then presented with a warning message after the simulation recognizes that occupants cannot progress towards their target.

What's new in Pathfinder 2022.2?

A new output file named filename_stuck.txt is written to the output directory when the simulator pauses due to stuck occupants. This file contains identifying information for the simulation's current context and the occupants who appear stuck. With this information and the Results viewer, users can quickly identify problems in their model.

Stuck Occupants Output File
In Pathfinder 2022.2, a new output file includes identifying information on occupants which the simulator has determined are stuck.

Why do occupants get stuck?

Occupants get stuck when they are unable to make progress from their current position towards their current seek target. Something in the model is obstructing their path. Common areas to examine include:

  • improper edges or holes generated from imported geometry
  • walkable spaces are too narrow for occupants to traverse
  • doors, stairs, and elevators may become closed and remove their only path
  • other occupants who are not moving may be blocking all viable paths
  • occupants requiring assistance may not be able to receive an assistant
  • occupants in movement groups may become stuck when using queues
Stuck Occupant Warning
When occupants cannot progress towards their seek target, the simulator will report a stuck warning.

How can I solve my stuck occupants problem?

When the simulator notifies you that you have one or more stuck occupants, first check the output directory. You should find a file named filename_stuck.txt alongside other output files. Open this file and examine the information to determine which occupants require investigation. Their ID, Name, current Room (at time of simulation pause), and XYZ position are listed.

In Pathfinder, close the warning and select the Results button to open the viewer. Use this previously retrieved information to locate one or more potentially stuck occupants. Examine their surroundings and look for geometry objects which are blocking them. If further analysis is needed, rewind the playback and watch the area closely for changes in accessibility. Check the Pathfinder User Manual for further provided troubleshooting steps. If nothing can be found, send your model to support@thunderheadeng.com with a request for assistance.

Occupants Stuck Behind Obstacle
When occupants are blocked by an object such as this obstacle, the simulator will detect them as stuck.

When can I use this feature?

The stuck occupants output file will be provided as a feature of Pathfinder 2022.2 which releases on August 3. For more feature previews, subscribe to our news.