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Plot Object Output Data

Results offers the ability to select objects such as rooms, doors, or occupants and plot their output quantities. This makes it quicker and easier to access results data.

Plot door output data
A door's flow rate plot is displayed from a right-click selection.

Depending on the object type selected, a right-click menu will display appropriate plot options. Multiple objects of the same type can be simultaneously selected and plotted together. With detailed occupant CSV output enabled, there are new plots available including distance, speed, time to exit, and FED (with provided relevant FDS output).

Plot occupant output data
An occupant is selected and its X-axis position is plotted over time.

In order to support these new features, the _rooms.csv and _doors.csv files have a new format. The plot window includes an Export Data action from the File menu.

These features will be available in the 2023.1 release on April 26. For more information about new features, consider subscribing to our email updates.