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Top 10 Reasons You Should be Using the New Integrated PyroSim Results

PyroSim now includes an integrated Results window. Here are the top 10 reasons you should be using it.

  1. Familiar Interface - If you know how to run PyroSim, you know how to run Results. Results uses a similar navigation tree, menus, and tools.
  2. Quick Access to Results Data - All available results data are displayed in the navigation tree. Double-click on an item to toggle display on and off. Right-click for more display options.
  3. High Performance/Reduced Memory - The Results display fully utilizes your multicore CPU and streams data from the disk rather than loading everything into memory.
  4. Interpolation Smooths Playback - Because the display streams results and uses all CPU and GPU hardware, data can be interpolated through time. This means smoother playback of the results.
  5. Movies and Screenshots - Easily make high quality movies and screenshots. Just click the File menu and select Create Movie or Create Screenshot.
  6. High Fidelity Graphics - Results uses ray marching for high quality fire and smoke rendering. GPU hardware shaders are used for fast rendering and high quality display. The CAD display accurately reproduces texture mapping and is linked to FDS control logic, so if doors open or windows break, this is displayed in Results.
  7. Views and Timeline - Easily switch between alternate views and section boxes. Double-click to activate tours and drag the timeline slider to move through time. Supports tours made in Smokeview or Pathfinder.
  8. Color Bar - Double-click the color bar to easily activate a wide range of color bar options. Click the color bar to highlight a value, use the scroll wheel to change the highlight range, right-click the highlight to turn off.
  9. 3D Data - Results animates 3D slice data using volumetric rendering. Create custom visualizations by subdividing any 3D data using arbitrary slice planes, points, or isosurfaces.
  10. Integrate with Pathfinder - Evacuation results can now be integrated with FDS results through Pathfinder.

When your PyroSim simulation finishes, the new Results window is automatically started. Give it a try.

We are continually improving Results, so we welcome feedback and suggestions.

Smokeview is still available in PyroSim. On the Analysis menu, click Run Smokeview.

Example Videos

These examples demonstrate some features of the integrated PyroSim Results. The simulation is an extension of the room_fire verification problem from the NIST FDS-SMV website and in our PyroSim Fundamentals series.

In this first video, the fire is displayed with smoke shown using reduced opacity. Temperature contours extracted from the 3D Slice data are displayed on the ceiling. After the sprinkler activates, water particles are displayed with a tail. For increased realism, CAD models of the sofas and table are used.

In the second video, the fire is displayed with a temperature isosurface at 60 C, again, extracted from the 3D Slice data. As before, water particles are displayed with a tail.