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UX Improvements to Make Your Work Easier

There are several UX (user experience) improvements in the upcoming 2022.3 releases for PyroSim, Pathfinder, and Results. Here are a few highlights to expect.

When using the Edit Meshes dialog, keyboard controls will now allow for improved navigation. Previously, after using the up/down arrow keys to navigate from one mesh to another, the interface's focus shifted and prevented further mesh selection. It is now easier to quickly check alignment through a long list of meshes simply by using the arrow keys. For more information on how to Edit Meshes, see the PyroSim User Manual.

Edit Meshes
The Edit Meshes dialog.

Finish Queue Path Drawing with Enter Key

In addition to using the provided Create button or a right-click to finish creating a Queue Path, users can now simply press the Enter key. This provides a similar experience to other Pathfinder tools, such as Add a Polygonal Room. For more information on Queues, see the Pathfinder User Manual.

A Queue in Pathfinder.

Pan Camera While Creating Objects

Whether in PyroSim or Pathfinder, it is now possible to pan the camera while drawing various objects. For instance, when drawing a Slab in PyroSim or a Room in Pathfinder, the camera may be too zoomed in to draw the next vertex. It is now possible to use a middle mouse button drag to pan the camera, as is common in other 3D modeling software applications.

Maintain File Connections when Moving Projects

When using FDS Integration with Pathfinder, moving the Pathfinder files to a different directory will no longer break the connection to the SMV files used in the integration. Pathfinder will now store relative path information. For more information on FDS Integration, see the Pathfinder User Manual.

FDS Integration for FED
Fractional Effective Dose sourced from FDS in Pathfinder.

When can I access this new feature?

These UX improvements will be provided as features of PyroSim and Pathfinder 2022.3 which release on December 7. For more feature previews, subscribe to our newsletter.