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Visual Improvements in Results 2020.5

Since introducing our Results application which combines PyroSim and Pathfinder output into a single workspace, we have continued to improve the visual realism of this application. Our users report that improvements in rendering smoke, textures, and occupant animation not only give their work a more professional look, but also increase the clarity of their findings. In the upcoming 2020.5 release, we will add several new features to deliver even more impressive fire and evacuation model reports.

Ambient Lit Smoke

Previously, smoke in Results was only lit based on obscuring light rays from the fire contained in the smoke and only in the direction of the camera. Actual light would come from every direction in the scene as it bounces off of other geometry and enters from other light sources (virtually represented by an imported Skybox). Our eventual goal is to represent ambient lighting in this manner, while in 2020.5 we have approximated the effect to achieve the highlights shown in the video.

Ambient Occlusion

Ambient occlusion is a shading technique which improves the sense of depth near corners and creases of objects. In our Results software, it provides realistic shadows to building geometry or occupants as they move through the model. Notice in the video how the shadows in the rafters disappear when ambient occlusion is switched off.

Motion Blur

Motion blur is available in a static view, as seen in the video, where occupants are moving. The video playback is sped up to enhance this effect. In addition, moving the camera will also show a motion blur effect.


All three of these features will arrive in a few weeks with the 2020.5 release. We have other features waiting on future releases such as physically-based rendering (to allow for advanced lighting with Skyboxes) and custom occupant animations (for improved representation of sitting, running, etc.). We look forward to seeing what our community can show us with these enhanced visuals.