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Licensing and Pricing

License Prices

Pathfinder is available under two license models: A standard perpetual license (including one year of free support and upgrades), or a yearly subscription license.

You can securely Purchase Pathfinder Online or if you have any questions, need an estimate or invoice then please contact us by phone at 1-785-770-8511 or email sales@thunderheadeng.com.

Annual Subscription License

License Type Price (USD)
Node-Locked $2250
(Maintenance Included)
Floating $3375
(Maintenance Included)

The full-service subscription option enables Pathfinder for one year, including technical support and all program updates. This option provides cost-effective access to the latest version of Pathfinder, while simplifying budgeting for software costs.

Standard Perpetual License

License Type Price (USD)
Node-Locked $7500
Node-Locked Maintenance $1500
Floating $11250
Floating Maintenance $2250

The standard license provides for unlimited-time use of Pathfinder. Support and upgrades are included for the first year. Maintenance must be purchased annually after the first year to keep your version up-to-date and to receive technical support. Maintenance must be paid continuously to remain in effect.

License Types

Node Locked

The node-locked license type grants the right to use the software on one (1) computer. This is sometimes referred to as a "fixed" or "single-computer" license.


The floating license type allows multiple computers on a network to share a Pathfinder license. Each floating license of Pathfinder can be used by one (1) computer at a time. When a user closes Pathfinder, that floating license becomes available to other users on the network. You can purchase additional copies of the Pathfinder floating license to enable simultaneous access by multiple computers. This is sometimes referred to as a "network" or "concurrent use" license.

If you need to work with the software without a network connection, you can request a short-term node-locked license from support@thunderheadeng.com, please request the license with at least 2 business days of lead time to ensure we can provide the support you need.


Maintenance must be purchased annually after the first year to keep your version up-to-date and to receive technical support. Maintenance must be paid continuously to remain in effect.

Volume Licensing Discounts

Save money on multiple licenses! Save 50% on each additional software license of equal or lesser value. Licenses must be purchased at the same time to qualify for the discount.

NOTE: Pathfinder and Pathfinder orders can be combined for volume licensing.

Educational Licensing

Free licenses are available for academic, non-commercial use. To apply for an academic license, you or a representative from your organization must fill out the Academic License Application Form.

We will review the application and let you know if you qualify for academic licensing.

Operating Systems

Pathfinder supports Windows 7 and later or Windows Server 2012 and later operating systems (32 and 64 bit). Users report excellent performance on OSX using either Parallels or VMware Fusion.

International Distributors

Please contact your local reseller for more information or to purchase Pathfinder.

Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg

Aeolus Consulting

Kol. Begaultlaan 1A/51
3012 Leuven

Email: info@aeolus-consulting.be
Tel: +32 (0) 496/10.94.63
Web: www.aeolus-consulting.be

China and Hong Kong

Beijing HuanZhongRuiChi Technology Co., Ltd.(Reachsoft)

ROOM 1106, A3 BUILDING, RongJingDao,
BJUT Software Park,
YiZhuang, Beijing, 100176

Email: cal@reachsoft.com.cn, reach@reachsoft.com.cn
Tel: 86 1855 1855 019
Web: www.reachsoft.cn

Shanghai IGN Network Technology. Co.Ltd

Venture International Park
3A Floor, Building A, No.2679
Hechuan Road, Minhang District
Shanghai, 201103

Email: fjj@gdi.com.cn, sales@gdi.com.cn
Tel: 86 21 61022284
Fax: 86 21 51010862
Web: www.bitmap3d.com.cn

Czech Republic and Slovak Republic

recognity s.r.o.

Purkyňova 649/127
Brno, 612 00
Czech Republic

Email: software@recognity.cz
Tel: +420 737 383 389
Web: www.recognity.cz

Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

Fire Raters

5th Settlement
Cairo, Egypt

Email: info@fireraters.com
Web: fireraters.com

France and French Language Customers in Other Regions


5 rue de la poste
38170 Seyssinet-Pariset

Email: infos@1Point2.com
Tel: +33 (0)4 76 27 77 85
Web: www.pathfinder-simulation.fr

Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein


Einsteinstr. 55
89077 Ulm

Email: info@simtego.de
Tel: +49 (0)731 850702-31
Web: www.simtego.de

India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar

Shiretechnik Solutions

No. 166, 5th Main K.E.B layout
Sanjaynagar, Bangalore, Karnataka,
India, Pin - 560 094

Email: contact@shiretechnik.com
Mobile: +91-9620031209
Tel: +91-80-41149803
Web: www.shiretechnik.com

Italy, Hungary

Cantene S.r.l

Via Marco Polo 24/A
10129 Torino

Email: info@cantene.it
Tel: +39 011 19707165
Web: www.cantene.it


CAE Solutions Corporation

TUG Building 5F 8F
2-1-10 Iidabashi
Chiyoda, Tokyo 102-0072

Email: sales@cae-sc.com
Tel: +81-3-3514-1506
Fax: +81-3-3514-1507
Web: www.cae-sc.com


BasisSoft Inc.

3rd Floor. iho Bldg.
151-29 Samsung-Dong, Kangnam-Gu
Seoul 135-876

Email: minsu@basis.co.kr
Tel: +82 2 571 8718
Fax: +82 2 572 9709
Web: www.basis.co.kr

Kimyoung Engineering Co., Ltd

#505 Saehan Venture World
113-15, Shihung-dong, Kumcheon-gu
Seoul 153-031

Email: kimyoung@epcmart.co.kr
Tel: +82-2-807-7750
Fax: +82-2-808-6108
Web: www.epcmart.co.kr

Poland, Ukraine

STIGO Sp. z o.o.

ul. Longinusa Podbipięty 29
31-980 Kraków

Przemysław Rożek
Email (sales): biuro@stigo.com.pl
Email: p.rozek@stigo.com.pl
Tel. +48 12 346 58 00
Web: pyrosim.pl

Russia and CIS

(Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan)

FireCat - pyrosim.ru

Первомайская 66 - 4
г. Екатеринбург, ул.

Email: mail@pyrosim.ru
Tel: +7 (343) 319-12-62
Fax: +7 (343) 319-12-62
Web: www.pyrosim.ru


SIGURA Total Fire & Building Engineering srl.

Str. Balta Arin nr. 4A
Sector 3

Email: sigura@sigura.ro
Tel: (40)-21-312.31.32
Fax: (40)-21-314.45.37
Web: www.sigura.ro

Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam

Building System and Diagnostics Pte. Ltd.

22 Veerasamy Road
Singapore 207328

Email: info@bsd.com.sg
Tel: (65) 6560 0702
Fax: (65) 6795 0020
Web: www.bsd.com.sg



Plaza de Carlos Trias Bertrán, 4,
28020 Madrid

Email: support@incendio3d.com
Tel: +34 644 266 881
Web: www.incendio3d.com

USA and All Other Regions

Thunderhead Engineering Consultants, Inc.

403 Poyntz Ave. Suite B
Manhattan, KS 66502

Email: sales@thunderheadeng.com
Tel/Fax: (785) 770-8511
Web: www.thunderheadeng.com