Thunderhead Engineering software is used internationally by many engineering consultants and academic institutions. Read these Pathfinder Publications to learn how we have impacted the pedestrian modelling industry.

Case Studies

Evacuation Analysis of a Large Experimental Cavern of the CERN Accelerator Complex
Giordana Gai - CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research

Soft Target Protection Analysis Using Pedestrian Simulation
Tomas Apeltauer - Recognity s.r.o.

The Simulation Of Assisted Evacuation In Hospitals
Virginia Alonso-Gutierrez - Ashes Fire Consulting

Evacuation Simulation Modelling For A Deep Underground Subway Station
Benjamin J.J. Chan - AECOM Singapore Pte Ltd

Optimization Of The Evacuation Of The Music Festival Grounds Using A Numerical Model
Petra Okřinová - Brno University Of Technology

Use of Evacuation Simulation to Develop a Disaster Management Plan in Super Tall Buildings
Doo Chan Choi - KF UBIS Co., Ltd.

Evacuation Modelling - Application To An Office Building Using Several Simulation Tools
Romain Hourqueig - Studio Fahrenheit

Evacuation Modeling Of An Historical Casino In Case Of Fire Monica Capobelli - Guidi & Partners S.r.l.

Some Effect Of Interpersonal Distance Constraints In Modeling Wayout Finding From An Exhibition Hall
Fabio Alaimo Ponziani - Ministry of the Interior - Italy

Agent-Based Modeling of Meta-Communication with Assisted People During Emergency Egress
Alberto Tinaburri - Ministry of the Interior, Italy and University of Rome "Tor Vergata"

A UK Evacuation Case Study Using Pathfinder Questions The Suitability Of Fire Safety Guidance
Stewart Brown - University of South Wales

The Use Of Pathfinder As An Evacuation Planning Tool: A Case Study In Concert Halls
João E. Almeida, LIACC - Universidade do Porto

Managing Quality in Fire Safety Design Projects Involving RSET Analyses
Karl Fridolf - WSP Sverige AB

Use of Pathfinder in the Study of Occupant Movement in Stairwells
Chris Campbell - The Protection Engineering Group, Inc.

Shopping Mall, Switzerland
Christian Kohler, Swissi

A Sensitivity Analysis of a Hospital in Case of Fire Selim Datoussaïd - University of Mons

Egress from a Hospital Ward: A Case Study
Grazia Carbotti - Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma

Fire and Evacuation Simulation in a Low Ceiling Sport Arena
Georges Guigay - Verkis Consulting Engineers

Advanced Simulations For Building Design - Best Practice and Future Developments
Gabriele Vigne - JVVA


Validation Of Evacuation Models Based On Video Footage Of People Leaving A Room (no video)
Paul Wijnhoven and Martin Klein - DGMR

Bridging the Pre-Movement and Movement Data Gap through Non-FPE Studies
Mohammed A. Saeefan - Saudi Arabian Oil Company

A dynamic approach for the impact of a toxic gas dispersion hazard considering human behaviour and dispersion modelling
Ruggiero Lovreglio, Enrico Ronchi, Georgios Maragkosc, Tarek Bejic, Bart Mercic

Modelling large-scale evacuation of music festivals
E. Ronchi, F. Nieto Uriza, X. Crielb, P. Reilly

Assessment of Total Evacuation Systems for Tall Buildings - Literature Review - Related SFPE Article
Enrico Ronchi, Ph.D., and Daniel Nilsson, Ph.D.

Simulation of Evacuation in a Twin Bore Tunnel: Analysis of Evacuation Time and Egress Selection
Nan Mu, Wei-guo Song, Xin-xin Qi, Wei Lu, Shu-chao Cao

Emergency Guidance Evacuation in Fire Scene Based on Pathfinder
Enrico Ronchi

Collection and Use of Data from School Egress Trials
Hai-Rong Wang; Sch. of Eng., Sun Yat-sen Univ., Guangzhou, China; Qing-Guang Chen; Jian-Bo Yan; Zhi Yuan

Emergency Guidance Evacuation in Fire Scene Based on Pathfinder
Arturo Cuesta, Enrico Ronchi, Steve M.V. Gwynne