Thunderhead Engineering software is used internationally by many engineering consultants and academic institutions. Read these PyroSim Publications to learn how we have impacted the fire protection engineering and forensics industry.

Case Studies

FIRIA - FDS Modelling Of A Large Underground Cavern Of CERN's LHC Accelerator Complex
Berta Rubio Pascual - CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research

A Method Of Smoke Dispersion Modelling Of Exhausted Tunnel Fire Smoke In Urban Areas
Brian Lee - SNC Lavalin

Fire and Evacuation Simulation in a Low Ceiling Sport Arena
Georges Guigay - Verkis Consulting Engineers

ATF Engineering analysis of a fire scenario resulting in a firefighter fatality
Adam St. John, P.E. - ATF Fire Research Laboratory

Fire Investigation in Italian Waste Treatment Plant: Lessons Learned and Future Development
Alfredo Romano - TRR S.R.L.

Study of the Dynamics of Fire and Smoke Control in Case of Evacuation in High Buildings, Based on Continuous Model FDS+EVAC
Aristides Lopes Silva - Universidade del Cabo Verde

Evacuation Modeling Of An Historical Casino In Case Of Fire
Monica Capobelli - Guidi & Partners S.r.l.

Dambovita Center, Bucharest, Romania
Donna Netanel - S. Netanel Engineers and Consulting Ltd

Vehicle Ferry
Craig Hofmeister - Rolf Jensen & Associates (now Jensen Hughes)

The Welcome Pavilion, Yas Island Retail, Abu Dhabi
Jason Pritchard - Mott MacDonald

Nokia Arena, Tel Aviv, Israel
Donna Netanel - S. Netanel Engineers and Consulting Ltd and OffStream Studios

Binyaney Ha'uma Railway Station and Tunnel
Alex Kline - Rolf Jensen & Associates (now Jensen Hughes)


Validating FDS Against a Full-Scale Fire Test
Paul Blake - University of Leeds

Approach to Define the Aerodynamic Free Area for Natural Smoke Vents in a CFD Simulation Environment
Lajos Gábor Takács - Budapest University of Technology

Fire Driven Flow within Cavities Behind Perforated Cladding
Rui Sun - Hydrock Consultants

Water Spray Interaction with Dense Gas Clouds
Robert N. Meroney, PhD. - Wind Engineering Software, and Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO., USA

Fire Modeling with CAD/GEI Techniques
Mr. Y.F. Pin - Parson Brinckerhoff Ltd, Hong Kong

Simulation of Premixed Flames with FDS - Application to the Hot Smoke Testing System Izar
Juan Blond - Basler & Hofmann AG

FDS Simulation of the Combined Use of Sprinklers and Water Mist Fire Extinguishing Systems
Csaba Szikra - Budapest University of Technology