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2022.3 Version Updates - Available Now

The latest updates for PyroSim, Pathfinder, and Results are available now. View the Release Notes to download and see the full details, or read on for a quick look at what's new.

Controls as Inputs to Other Controls

Complex control systems can now be configured through the PyroSim Activation Controls dialog. A previously defined control is now included in the populated list of options when selecting an input to the control currently being edited. Multiple input controls can be selected with the normal logic options already available with multiple inputs. Read more.

Controls as Inputs
Controls listed in the left panel can be selected as an input to each other, as displayed in the definition of `sprinkler_trigger`.

PyroSim UX Improvements

Users can now navigate the list of meshes in the Edit Meshes dialog with the keyboard. While drawing objects in the model viewer, the camera can be panned by using a middle-click action with the mouse. Read more.

The Edit Meshes dialog.

FDS Updates and Other Improvements

  • Zone geometry is now based on a single 3d point as required in FDS 6.7.8 and beyond.
  • Updated the default Obscuration value for Smoke Detectors.
  • Added support for defining flow measuring devices as prescribed in FDS 6.7.8 and beyond.
  • Added support for custom 2D and 3D Slice IDs.
  • Added support for the ADIABATIC SURFACE TEMPERATURE GAS Quantity.
  • Added support for importing glTF 2.0 (Graphics Language Transmission Format)

Row Filling

Occupants entering seating rows can now do so more realistically and with only one additional setting. Occupants can now temporarily obtain a sort of "ghost" status to enable others to pass by them in a way that mimics the real-world behavior of shuffling past seated occupants. Read more.

Occupant targets instruct individuals to specific seats.

Occupant Source Updates

Occupant sources have been improved in several ways. Occupant orientation is now configurable as a distribution, or it can be automatically determined. Individual occupants can now be specified when constructing the flow rate, or the timing distribution of multiple occupants can be randomized. Read more.

Users can now generate a new random distribution of profiles, behaviors, and positions from an occupant source.

Pathfinder UX Improvements

While drawing objects, users can now pan the camera with a middle-click action. When moving directories of Pathfinder models with FDS integration, Pathfinder will maintain file connections. Also, queues can now be more quickly drawn by completing the queue path via the enter key. Read more

The queue defines where the occupants will position themselves as they wait and their target destination.
The queue path defines there occupants will wait, from front to back.

Monte Carlo Updates

By default, Occupant Sources will now produce a different result upon each iteration by using a different random seed. The generated occupants will follow the defined options from the Monte Carlo tool. Additionally, there are now options to include, exclude, and specify distribution of Profiles. Both of these additions provide more ways to control a batch simulation and further verify results, Read more

Before (left) and after (right) the update to include Profiles in the Monte Carlo options.

Import Options

  • Added support for importing glTF 2.0 (Graphics Language Transmission Format)
  • Added the ability to import a glTF file as an occupant avatar.
  • Added the ability to import occupants by importing a CSV file containing their locations.


Occupant Coloring Updates

When using occupant coloring, the color bar will now be displayed as a legend. The color bar properties can now be edited similar to contours. Additionally, a new contour for Congestion is available.

The existing occupant color bars are now editable.

Find and Display Occupant ID

Highlighting an occupant from a Pathfinder simulation will provide the occupant's ID number as a label at the bottom-left of the application. Users can select from the Edit menu or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+F to open the dialog Find Occupant by ID. Read more.

An occupant's ID number will now be displayed in Results when selected.

Additional Updates

  • Updated the skybox dialog to make live updates to the scene. The skybox toolbar button now opens the dialog instead of showing/hiding the skybox.
  • Improved lighting when using image-based lighting and high dynamic range (HDR) skybox images with bright light sources.


If you have feedback on how you'd like to see our software improve, tell us! Email us at support@thunderheadeng.com.