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Improvements in PyroSim 2021.4

PyroSim 2021.4 focuses on adding support for mathematic controls, adding mesh partitions for a quicker workflow, and improving scenario exportation. Additionally, this PyroSim release is supported by Results improvements which incorporate gamma correction for improved lighting.

Partition Meshes

Dividing meshes can help reduce simulation time by allowing multiple processors to work independently. The processor doing the most work will increase the overall simulation time while the other processors sit idle. Therefore, it is valuable to try and evenly distribute the workload across processors. One of the most significant and easily controlled variables in this workload is the number of cells in a mesh.

Partition feature used to split a mesh into even parts.
The partition tool saves the user the effort of manually slicing meshes into equal parts. Even with a single simple mesh, this tool speeds up an otherwise tedious process. On the right, the meshes have been further color-adjusted for better visual separation.

By evenly distributing the number of cells per mesh, the user will more likely evenly distribute the work between processors. The new mesh partition tool can handle this even distribution automatically.

Implement Mathematic Controls

Previously, custom controls were added to PyroSim 2021.3 so that users could add them directly rather than using the advanced records.

Mathematical option in the Activation Controls dialog.
Mathematical can now be selected as an option in the Activation Controls dialog.

Similarly, we have now added support for mathematical controls to PyroSim. These allow various operations to be used as the input to a detector with options for setpoint, multiple triggers, and initial state.

Export Selected Scenarios

Scenarios were previously introduced to PyroSim as a tool to help repurpose assets within a model for various use cases. If you're not familiar, you can read their original introduction or view the User Manual documentation to learn more.

Dialog to confirm which scenarios should be included in the export.
Before completing a scenario export, this dialog confirms which scenarios should be included.

In PyroSim 2021.4, users can now select which scenarios get exported before creating the batch file.