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PetraSim 2017.1.0828

August 28, 2017
This release fixes problems with the HydrateResSim user interface, improves Petrel import support, and fixes crashes related to viewing results.  Read More...

Fire Modelling Of Energy-Efficient Apartment Buildings

August 7, 2017
In this work, we wanted to study how the construction trends aiming at energy efficient and high-rise buildings are changing the fire modelling practices. Through experiments, FDS validation and a simulation case-study, we investigate the reliability and modelling practices of the mechanical ventilation systems and air-tight building envelopes. Read More...

Pathfinder at People Movement and Management Show

July 31, 2017
In July of 2017, Thunderhead participated in the People Movement and Management Show held in Derby, UK. Our goal was to introduce Pathfinder to the people movement audience. Pathfinder was originally developed for emergency evacuation simulation as a companion product to PyroSim, our fire simulator. But we are adding features that will make it possible ... Read More...

Exploring Unstructured Poisson Solvers for FDS

July 11, 2017
The paper and its associated talk are intended to give some insights into the current state of development and to compare the pros and cons of the different Poisson approaches with respect to their efficiency and accuracy. Read More...

Implementing Assisted Evacuation and Integrated Fire Model Results in Pathfinder and PyroSim

June 20, 2017
This presentation provides an update of recent developments in PyroSim and Pathfinder, including improvements in model and results rendering, integrated fire results visualization, and new behaviors for assisted evacuation modeling. Read More...
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