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FEMTC 2016: Registration, Reservation, and Speakers

August 18, 2016
FEMTC 2016 begins November 16, just under three months away. Here are a few key next steps to be aware of.  Read More...

Comparing FDS results to fire spill-plume calculations in BRE Annex D

August 4, 2016
The BRE guide Design methodologies for smoke and heat exhaust ventilation summarizes the advice available from the BRE Fire Research Station (UK)  to designers of atria and other buildings. Annex D of the BRE document compares different fire spill-plume calculation methods applied to a multistorey shopping mall. We compare Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) results to the calculations in Annex D.  Read More...

Assisted Evacuation & Vehicles Preview

July 13, 2016
Our Pathfinder developers have been working on the long-awaited assisted evacuation and custom vehicle features that will make more applications possible. Hospitals, nursing homes, and retirement homes all must accommodate people in wheelchairs, rolling beds, walkers, and more. The staff at these facilities are required to assist their patients or residents during evacuation. However all public ... Read More...

PetraSim 2016.2.0523

May 23, 2016
This release adds cell selection along internal boundaries to simplify fault editing, coloring by volume factor in the 3D view, and several bug fixes. Read More...

Critical Velocity in Tunnel Fires

May 17, 2016
Merve Altay contacted us with a tunnel model that was experiencing a numerical instability. He was simulating a set of experiments performed to evaluate the critical velocity in a tunnel fire. Answering his question eventually led to improvements in FDS and a better understanding of user applications of PyroSim/FDS.  Read More...
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