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Te Papa Museum Design Review and Update

April 24, 2017
Te Papa Tongarewa, the national museum of New Zealand, stretched the bounds of fire engineering design when it was built. Designed at a time when fire zone models and nodal evacuation simulations were on the forefront of fire engineering design, the building represented a heavily engineered approach to fire safety with a complex array of fire safety systems. This paper outlines the case study of a reassessment of the museum using computation fluid dynamics and agent based evacuation modeling. Read More...

Advances in Simulation Capability for Complex Geometry

April 18, 2017
We describe our effort on the enhancement of fire simulation capability around complex geometry within the Fire dynamics Simulator (FDS). Read More...

Using PyroSim/FDS to Maximize Solar Panel Convective Cooling

April 18, 2017
Solar panels are most efficient if they operate at lower temperatures. We are installing solar panels on a workshop roof and the question arose, "What is the best solar panel spacing to maximize solar panel convective cooling?" This post uses PyroSim and FDS to evaluate some different solar panel mounting options to maximize solar panel convective cooling.  Read More...

PetraSim 2017.1.0405

April 5, 2017
This release includes bug fixes for Petrel grid import and maximum available sources and sinks. Read More...

Subway Station Passenger Movement using Pathfinder

March 27, 2017
This post demonstrates how to use Pathfinder to simulate movement in a subway station, with trains arriving and departing from the station. A growing list of features not specific to evacuation, such as occupant sources and assisted evacuation, make Pathfinder applicable to a much broader range of pedestrian movement problems. Read More...
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