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Exploring Unstructured Poisson Solvers for FDS

July 11, 2017
The paper and its associated talk are intended to give some insights into the current state of development and to compare the pros and cons of the different Poisson approaches with respect to their efficiency and accuracy. Read More...

Implementing Assisted Evacuation and Integrated Fire Model Results in Pathfinder and PyroSim

June 20, 2017
This presentation provides an update of recent developments in PyroSim and Pathfinder, including improvements in model and results rendering, integrated fire results visualization, and new behaviors for assisted evacuation modeling. Read More...

Tenability Criteria In Unique Situations And Atypical Buildings

June 20, 2017
This presentation will look at tenability in atypical buildings such as prisons and enclosed amusement rides. This includes how increased exposure times, due to code changes and unique building applications, effect applicable tenability criteria. The basis for the presentation includes case studies and criteria that has been used in prisons throughout the United States of America and amusement parks throughout the world. Read More...

A Research Roadmap For Evacuation Models Used In Fire Safety Engineering

June 20, 2017
This paper wants to open a discussion on a research roadmap for evacuation models used in fire safety engineering. In other words, this paper explores what features need to be possibly implemented, improved, or expanded in existing evacuation models for fire safety engineering applications. Read More...

Smoke Visibility and Obscuration in PyroSim

June 19, 2017
Smoke visibility and obscuration are critical outputs of a fire simulation. This post reviews how visibility is calculated in FDS, compares the calculation to experimental data, and discusses how smoke is visualized in the new PyroSim Results Viewer and in Smokeview. The comparison of VTT experimental images with predicted smoke visualization using PyroSim/FDS shows remarkably good correlation.   Read More...
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