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One-Dimensional Model of Pyrolysis and Ignition of Medium Density Fiberboard Subjected to Transient Irradiation

March 7, 2017
Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product that is widely used in the interior design of buildings and in furniture because of its good performance, ease of use and cost efficiency. However, like all wood products, MDF poses a fire risk. While the literature contains a lot of studies for wood pyrolysis and burning, MDF has not been thoroughly investigated yet. In this work, we study the pyrolysis of MDF subjected to transient irradiation in the form of parabolic pulses. While the majority of studies in literature employ a constant heat flux, we use transient irradiation to obtain a more comprehensive case. Read More...

A Sensitivity Analysis of a Hospital in Case of Fire

March 2, 2017
Considering the limited number of studies on assisted evacuations, this work aims to provide a deeper insight on the modeling issues to simulate such an event. Based upon a preliminary risk analysis using the Fire Risk Assessment Method for Engineering (FRAME), the most critical floor will be selected and modeled using Pathfinder, an agent-based evacuation model. Read More...

Pathfinder 2017.2.0301

March 1, 2017
This release adds import support for PyroSim 2017, adds a new behavior to wait until a specified time, and improves the flexability of stairs and doors to simplify working with imperfect CAD data. Read More...

Hospital Evacuation using Pathfinder

February 27, 2017
Emergency evacuation of a hospital requires assistance for patients with reduced mobility. During the Fire and Evacuation Modeling Technical Conference (FEMTC) 2016, Aoife Hunt gave a talk entitled Simulating Hospital Evacuation in which she described an extensive set of experiments to evaluate assisted evacuation using a stretcher, a carry chair, an evacuation chair, and a rescue sheet. The experimental data was then used to predict evacuation times for an entire floor of a hospital under different staffing and assist device scenarios. In this post, we use Pathfinder to replicate two of the evacuation simulations that she calculated using buildingEXODUS.  Read More...

Tunnel Ventilation Design – Quantitative Methods for Comparative Analyses

February 24, 2017
Through a multiscale approach combining 1D and CFD + evacuation analyses, it is possible to evaluate the interaction between people and combustion products. Read More...
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