Pathfinder 2009.2.1019

October 19, 2009

This is an update release for Pathfinder 2009.


PyroSim 2010.1.1006

October 6, 2009

PyroSim now includes FDS version 5.4.1 and Smokeview version 5.4.3. For more information, please read the FDS release notes, and the Smokeview release notes.

This version of PyroSim contains a new OpenMP option to run parallel FDS simulations. Users can choose between MPI and OpenMP in the File/Preferences dialog. This choice will control the behavior of the Run Parallel option on the FDS menu. The OpenMP version of FDS automatically uses all available CPUs without requiring that the model be divided into multiple meshes. However, in our experiments, well-balanced multiple mesh parallelism using MPI gave substantially faster simulation times. The OpenMP version of FDS is included only in the 32-bit installer.


Pathfinder 2009.1.0417

April 17, 2009

Pathfinder first commercial release.

Thank you very much to our beta testers who helped identify the issues resolved below.

This release includes the following improvements over the previous release:


Pathfinder 2009.1.0310 RC3

March 10, 2009
This release fixes a few additional issues related to “entanglements” between the Pathfinder and PyroSim installers. Duplicate GUIDs were preventing some installed resources from being removed when uninstalling – if PyroSim had also been installed on the system. Now, when uninstalling, Start Menu items will be correctly removed. Also, videos can now be recorded ... Read More...

Pathfinder 2009.1.0306 RC2

March 6, 2009
This release fixes an installer bug in Pathfinder 2009.1 RC1. The installer shared an MSI “Upgrade Code” with PyroSim. As a result, the Pathfinder 2009.1 RC1 install will corrupt any existing PyroSim 2008 installs. Also, attempting to re-install PyroSim 2008 will fail until Pathfinder 2009 is removed. We have fixed the Pathfinder upgrade ... Read More...

Pathfinder 2009.1.0306 RC1

March 6, 2009

This release is the first release candidate for the full commercial version of Pathfinder. It contains the following improvements over the previous release:


Pathfinder 2009.1.0126 (Beta)

January 26, 2009

This release addresses a few issues reported against the previous Beta update and adds some new 3D human models. Additional documentation will now be accessible via the start menu.


Pathfinder 2009.1.0122 (Beta)

January 22, 2009

This release is an update to the Pathfinder public beta. This new version addresses many of the issues users reported with occupants becoming stuck and enables geometry import for PyroSim models.


PyroSim 2008.2

November 17, 2008

PyroSim x64 Edition Now Available!

Users with 64-bit operating systems can now download an entirely 64-bit version of PyroSim and FDS. This version is able to access memory beyond the 2 GB limit imposed by 32-bit Windows. This version will be particularly useful for individuals who model large structures such as stadiums or want to import complex DXF models. The 64-bit version of PyroSim includes a 64-bit version of FDS, MPI, and parallel FDS.

PyroSim now includes FDS version 5.2.3 and Smokeview version 5.2.7. For more information, please read the FDS release notes , and the Smokeview release notes.


PyroSim 2008.1

July 25, 2008

New features in this version include:

  • A set of sample materials, surfaces, and reactions collected from FDS verification and validation runs. Details about the source of each record are included in the description (FYI). These examples are primarily non-burning materials (e.g. concrete, steel).
  • New licensing system with increased performance and reliability and automatic license activation.
  • New disable/enable action. Any object can be disabled so that it does not write to the FDS input file unless it is absolutely needed (such as a used surface).
  • Added support for custom smoke tracking (See Defining Smoke in section 11.3.4 of FDS5 users manual).
  • Updated statistics and added support for newer options including VOLUME MEAN, MASS MEAN, VOLUME INTEGRAL, AREA INTEGRAL, and SURFACE INTEGRAL.
  • Added FYI support for extra species, particles, reactions, meshes, sprinkler link models, spray models, heat detector models, and smoke detector models.
  • Removed the sawtooth property for obstructions and added smooth (smooth is the inverse of sawtooth).
  • New Copy as FDS Records action.
  • Added a warning that displays when a smoothed obstruction uses a burn away surface (this is disallowed by FDS).
  • Removed the empty zone record that was written for non-open models (this is no longer required by FDS).
  • Action names show in the menu for Undo/Redo.
  • Reduced background image memory use and eliminated detail loss.
  • Improved copy/paste performance.
  • Particle duration default changed to 60s.
  • Added support for multiple object renaming.
  • Various dialog enhancements.
  • Added support for choosing the combination logic for multiple activation events/devices.
  • Added a Select Referencing Objects action for devices. This allows a user to check what objects in the model are currently using a device.