PetraSim 2018.1.0925

September 26, 2018

This is a maintenance release of PetraSim that provides several bug fixes including a bug in the cell-well intersection algorithm.


New Camera Options in Results Viewer

August 6, 2018
Views, Tours, and Section Boxes can now be created directly within the Results Viewer. These objects can be trasnferred from one set of results to another via import. Also, screenshots can be automatically generated based on the views and tours that are created. Read More...

Changes to our Email System

July 14, 2018
If you would like to receive email messages from Thunderhead Engineering, please use the subscription form on this page. As individuals and as an organization we cringe at the idea of SPAM and sending people information that they do not want to look at. Which is why the new system has improved unsubscribe capabilities to ... Read More...

Monte Carlo Simulations in Pathfinder

June 20, 2018

Pathfinder 2018.3 will include basic monte carlo simulation tools to automate multiple simulations where the initial positions and properties of occupants are randomized. This post demonstrates this capability.


Change Behavior in Pathfinder

May 16, 2018
As of Pathfinder 2018.2, Behaviors can now dynamically change from one to another throughout the simulation. The new Change Behavior step allows the user to define a progression to one of the other Behaviors defined in the model. Read More...

FEMTC 2018 Call for Papers and Key Speakers

April 18, 2018
Thunderhead Engineering is hosting the 4th Fire and Evacuation Modeling Technical Conference (FEMTC) on October 1-3, 2018 in Gaithersburg, MD. We have planned two and a half days of technical presentations on fire and evacuation modeling. Read More...

PetraSim 2018.1.0416

April 16, 2018
This release adds compatibility with TOUGHREACT v3.3, improves support for wells on deliverability, and includes bug fixes. Read More...

Korean Translation of PyroSim and Pathfinder

April 13, 2018
Kimyoung Engineering Co.,Ltd has finished the process of translating PyroSim and Pathfinder into the Korean language. In addition to the software translations, they are working on the translation of tutorials and software documentation. Read More...

Top 10 Reasons You Should be Using the New Integrated PyroSim Results

April 10, 2018
PyroSim now includes an integrated Results Viewer. Here are the top 10 reasons you should be using it. Read More...

Multiple Fuels with PyroSim

January 15, 2018

Updated Information Available

PyroSim 2018.2 now supports complex stoichiometry in the user interface. The post Complex Stoichiometry in PyroSim updates and replaces the contents of this post.

PyroSim’s design assumes that most users want to use FDS with a single-fuel, “simple chemistry” combustion model. For simulations requiring multiple fuel species, a few extra steps are required. This post demonstrates how to perform a multiple-fuel simulation using PyroSim.