Results Viewer Released in PyroSim 2017.2

November 15, 2017
PyroSim now installs a new results viewer to further integrate Pathfinder evacuation simulations, CAD model textures, and camera tours designed in PyroSim. Read More...

PetraSim 2017.1.0828

August 28, 2017

This release fixes problems with the HydrateResSim user interface, improves Petrel import support, and fixes crashes related to viewing results.


Pathfinder at People Movement and Management Show

July 31, 2017
In July of 2017, Thunderhead participated in the People Movement and Management Show held in Derby, UK. Our goal was to introduce Pathfinder to the people movement audience. Pathfinder was originally developed for emergency evacuation simulation as a companion product to PyroSim, our fire simulator. But we are adding features that will make it possible ... Read More...

PetraSim 2017.1.0509

May 9, 2017

This release fixes bugs leading to incorrect output for sources, sinks, and wells.


PetraSim 2017.1.0405

April 5, 2017
This release includes bug fixes for Petrel grid import and maximum available sources and sinks. Read More...

PetraSim 2017.1.0209

February 9, 2017
This version of PetraSim includes updates to the TOUGH2 source code to add support for several new features, with an emphasis on improved support of geothermal simulation. Read More...

Debug Pathfinder for Further Inspection

December 9, 2016
The Debug feature in Pathfinder allows users to see detailed real-time information about the occupants, elevators, and other parts of their simulation. Read More...

New Pathfinder Features – 2017.1 Highlight

November 9, 2016
The new Pathfinder features, including assisted evacuation, occupant sources, and refuge areas, will release soon in the 2016.2 version. Read More...

FEMTC 2016: Circulation, Ingress, and More

September 13, 2016

Circulation movement is often a critical part of the analysis for high occupancy areas with lots of foot traffic. As research and technology improves, engineers are adding non-evacuation investigations to their résumés. Jennifer Wiley, a Fire Protection Engineer at Jensen Hughes, will discuss these other uses for people movement models at the Fire and Evacuation Technical Modeling Conference (FEMTC).


New Visualization for Fire, Smoke, and More

September 7, 2016

We are currently developing new visualization for many fire and smoke effects that are needed for both fire and evacuation modeling. Much of this is driven by a need to integrate evacuation results with fire and smoke visualization, along with other representations of FDS data. The intention is to provide an alternative to Smokeview for PyroSim as well as all new capability for Pathfinder. We are aiming to deliver easy to use camera manipulation, high frame rate visuals, and video capture with many options among other features.