Import Support for FBX, OBJ and Improvements for DWG, DXF

March 11, 2016
Pathfinder now supports FBX and OBJ file formats in addition to DWG, DXF, and DAE. All existing file formats have also seen major graphical improvements. Read More...

Measurement Regions for Density & Velocity

March 10, 2016
Pathfinder 2016 includes a new UI object called measurement regions. These red boxes record density and velocity values to a CSV file. They are drawn over the navigation surfaces in areas of steady flow. Read More...

Hydrostatic Pressure Conditions in PetraSim/TOUGH

March 9, 2016
This is the first in a series of posts discussing the initialization of a TOUGH model to represent realistic natural state conditions.  In almost all cases, it is beneficial to run a model to steady state before adding transient boundary conditions, injection or pumping wells, etc.  We’ll give a very simple example first, where we’ve used EOS3 to establish a hydrostatic pressure gradient in a single phase model. Read More...

Shopping Mall, Switzerland

February 10, 2016

Pathfinder case study by Christian Kohler from Swissi.

This evacuation simulation was conducted as part of a security screening of an existing shopping mall in Switzerland. Defined evacuation routes were simulated with a set pre-movement time to analyze jam times and total evacuation times.  Read More...

Leakage Modelling with Pressure Zones

January 27, 2016
Leakage refers to the air that escapes through small gaps as a compartment is pressurized by a fire. Pressure zones can be used to model this effect. Read More...

Nokia Arena, Tel Aviv, Israel

January 15, 2016

Submission by: Donna Netanel from S. Netanel Engineers and Consulting Ltd and OffStream Studios.

Nokia Arena, located in the heart of Tel Aviv, has everything you need to allow you to create an international level production: a large auditorium, a magnificent gallery and a huge outdoor plaza.

In the area of the arena there are events, conventions, and product launches for between 300 – 11,000 people. Read More...

PetraSim 2016.1.0106

January 6, 2016
This release includes bug fixes, usability improvements, and changes the way some simulators are bundled with PetraSim. Read More...

PetraSim 2016.1.1221

December 21, 2015
This release includes bug fixes, usability improvements, and changes the way some simulators are bundled with PetraSim. Read More...

Freezing HRR in PyroSim

November 11, 2015
A common strategy when modelling a fire with sprinklers is to assume the fire will be held at a constant heat release rate (HRR) when the first sprinkler activates. This post shows how to do this by automatically "freezing" the HRR at a constant value when a sprinkler activates.  Read More...

Improved Cornering in Pathfinder 2015.2

October 21, 2015
Changes in the movement algorithms for Pathfinder 2015.2 have improved the cornering capabilities of occupants in high density, wide corridor turns. The cornering behavior seeks to steer agents so that they can take wide turns as part of a group without cutting in front of each other. Read More...